Majestic Software

System Requirements

  • Windows 32 or 64 bit operating system (all versions except Windows RT)

  • Fast Internet connection (no dialup connections)

  • Internet Explorer must be the default web browser (Google Chrome and Firefox will not work with KHS)

  • You must have an e-mail account

  • Your display must support 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolutions

  • Text size should be set to Smaller to avoid problems viewing reports


Read carefully before you begin

  • Make sure your Windows user account has Administrator privileges before you install or launch KHS

  • Install the program to the default directory:  C:\Majestic Software\KHS

  • Do NOT install under the C:\Program Files folder, USB flash drive, or portable drive

  • Do NOT install on a computer at the Kingdom Hall

  • Make sure port 587 is not blocked by your Firewall or Internet Service Provider

  • Configure your Antivirus to exclude C:\Majestic Software\KHS from all scans


Download and Install KHS

  • Click Download Now to begin...  

  • Save the setup file to your Windows desktop

  • Double-click the setup file to install the program

  • Carefully read the End User License Agreement (EULA)

  • If you receive a warning about a missing DLL:

    • disable User Account Control for your Windows user account

    • make sure your Antivirus did not quarantine any Chilkat DLL's

    • reinstall the trial again



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