KHS Version History

10.2 September 15, 2014

  • KM Labels and Email electronic KM files menu options have been restored to the Congregation > Reports menu.

  • The Receives a digital KM check box was restored to the Congregation screen. You will need to go through the list of members and check this box again for those you wish to email a KM each month.

  • The KM Distribution menu option was also restored to the Congregation > Reports menu but with one change. If you select No when prompted to print one field service group per page, the report will be formatted for use by the Magazine servants in the US branch.

  • Added a new Notes field to the Congregation screen.

  • The Data Exchange > Import a TMS Explorer Calendar.csv file import option now works correctly with the latest version of TMS Explorer.

  • Fixed a reported issue on the Congregation Analysis report for inactive publishers totals. New publishers (reporting less than a year) were being counted as inactive.

  • Also includes other minor changes and bug fixes.

10.1 September 11, 2014

  • Photos you attach to a congregation member, public speaker, or public talk coordinator are now copied and saved by the program. You can include these photos when exchanging data with another user in your congregation by checking the new Photos box. Users importing your data and photos will then be able to see the same photo in their copy of KHS. If you already assigned 

  • Kingdom Ministry's are now available on the JW.ORG web site for anyone to download so we removed the KM Labels and Email electronic KM files options from the Congregation > Reports menu.

  • The KM Distribution report was reformatted to list all in the congregation who request a Kingdom Ministry. This report is intended to be given to the Magazine servant.

  • We modified the logic that updates the mid-week meeting schedule to allow users to manually enter their own material. If you click the Download button be aware that selecting Replace all existing schedules will overwrite any manually entered material.

  • Also includes other minor changes and bug fixes.

10.0 September 1, 2014

  • The WEEK STARTING section of the Overview screen now includes the material for the Congregation Bible Study and Ministry School. We also added all songs and prayer assignments.

  • Dates on the CBS, TMS, and SM reports now print in BOLD.

  • Renamed Members to Congregation and Import Export to Data Exchange.

  • Also includes other minor changes and bug fixes.

9.9 August 18, 2014

  • Includes several minor fixes available in previously released builds.

  • Some minor tweaks were made to the Overview report.

  • Data Sync is working again for those that store their backup files on a cloud server.

9.8  August 13, 2014

  • Backup files - All saved files will now use a new naming convention that includes your KHS user name. Here is an example of the new naming convention:

           KHS Backup for Joe Majestic 2014-07-31

    The change was needed because some are still restoring other users backup files which is a violation of our licensing agreement. Backup files contain personal information about you and should never be given to another user.

  • Secretaries - When adding a new publisher (publishing less than a year) to the Members screen the program will now create blank records on the Field Service screen based on the Start Month you select. When adding a regular publisher to the Members list, the program will now create six months worth of blank records on the Field Service screen. You must enter all past reports so the program can track inactive and irregular publishers properly. When you first visit the Field Service screen select the Inactive Publishers filer to view their name and enter their past reports. The program will then move them back to active status.

  • Combined - Two weeks per page layout - We made some tweaks to the large font version of this report.

  • Service Groups > Reports - We increased the font size for both the left-to-right and top-to-bottom report layouts.

9.7  July 27, 2014

  • Ministry School > Reports > Substitutes - this new report lists students who have volunteered to be used as a substitute. The report includes their name, phone numbers, e-mail, and a list of talk numbers they can give.

  • Ministry School > Reminders - this new menu allows you to e-mail reminders or print a new Call List report that includes the students phone numbers.

  • Members > Reports > Email digital KM - you can now select multiple files when emailing digital KM files. Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting each file to be attached to the email. This new feature is also available on the E-mail screen when attaching files.

  • Public Talks - cancellation emails have been reworded and the Large Font version of the Public Talks report now uses a bold font for the talk title.

  • Large Font Reports are now available for the Congregation Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School, Service Meeting, and the Combined Report - Two weeks per page layout reports. A large font option is not available for any other combined layout. We are planning to offer additional large font report options in upcoming releases.

  • Field Service - if you are the congregation secretary the program will automatically change the publisher status to Inactive or Reactivated when you access the Field Service screen or view the Inactive Publishers report.

  • Field Service > Reports > Field service activity - 3/6 Month hourly averages were added to each grouping and the report summary. Hourly and 3/6 Month averages are now highlighted in yellow.

  • Individual assignments - you can now print reports for sisters assigned talks in the Theocratic Ministry School. We also addressed an issue regarding missing names. This would occur if you entered a brother into the Speakers list but spelled his name differently when entering him into the Members list. The program now displays both spellings. We do however recommend that you enter names exactly the same on both screens to avoid this issue. Click the check box in the header section to select or deselect all names.

9.6  July 4, 2014

  • Public Talks - We added a new Large Font option for the Public Talks report that will render the report using a 12-pt font as compared to the 9-pt font used on the existing report. Feedback about this option is welcomed.

  • TMS Assignment slips - We added an option to Printer Setup screen to select the order the slips will be printed. They can be printed by Date or Last name order.

9.5  June 25, 2014

  • This release fixes several minor bugs and includes improved error handling when importing or exporting files.

9.4  June 17, 2014

  • Field Service > Reports > Field Service Activity - this report has been further refined to combine baptized and unbaptized publishers into a single group named Publishers. And we also rearranged the order in which these groups appear in the report as follows:  Publishers, Auxiliary Pioneers, Regular Pioneers, and Special Pioneers.

  • Field Service > Reports > Transfer to publisher cards - Secretaries will use this new report to update the Congregation's Publisher Records card file. It is grouped by Regular & Special Pioneers, Baptized Publishers, and Unbaptized Publishers which is the grouping recommended by the branch. This report also includes boxes that can be checked as you update each card.

  • Field Service > FSG invitations - Secretaries can now invite their field service group overseers to download and install a companion program to KHS called FSG (Field Service Group activity). Once they install the program they can input field service reports for their group and email them back to you electronically. The program is free and registration is not required but we DO NOT provide support for FSG. You will be responsible to help any brothers you invite to use this program. Only invite brothers to use FSG if you feel you can help them if a problem arises.

  • Several minor bugs were also fixed.

9.3  June 1, 2014

  • The Field Service Activity report now groups auxiliary pioneers separately from baptized publishers and remarks are now display on the same line.

  • We added a new report to the Members screen to list those who are Baptized One Year.

  • The KM Distribution report can now be printed even you do not have any field service groups set up in the program.

  • Fixed the issue when printed TMS Worksheets for the second school. These would not print if the start date fell the week of the review.

  • Several minor bugs were also fixed.

9.2  May 16, 2014

  • The Ministry School - Best Fit screen now includes student cancelations to provide a complete picture of past student assignments.

  • Several minor bugs were also fixed.

9.1  May 5, 2014

  • Added a new Inactive Publishers filter option to the Field Service screen which makes it very easy for a secretary to view all inactive ones and optionally enter field service reports if they begin publishing again. The Inactive Publishers button previously located on the toolbar was removed.

  • Restored the ability to print a range of TMS worksheets.

  • Several minor bugs were fixed.

9.0  April 30, 2014

  • Made several changes to the database requiring all users who exchange data with other users to update to this version.

  • Several minor bugs were fixed.

8.9  April 21, 2014

  • Added a service group selection screen when importing a local exchange that includes service groups. This allows the user importing the file to match the names of the service groups being imported with the names of the groups currently in their database.

  • The words "Special Talk" are now displayed along with the talk title assigned as the special talk on the Public talk schedule report and on the Overview screen.

  • The Public Talk Worksheet now displays unconfirmed speakers in the same light blue italic font used on the screen.

  • Removed Territory stats from the Overview screen to display weekly schedules only. Those using the Territories screen can run the Stats report instead.

8.8  April 11, 2014

  • All Brochures labels have been renamed Brochures and Tracts.

  • The Report to Branch screen on the Field Service screen was updated.

  • Fixed the bug that caused some users to have to renew support after syncing their backup files.

8.7  April 8, 2014

  • A new Data Sync feature is now available that will sync your KHS backup files between multiple computers. Here's how it works:

    • You have a copy KHS on a computer at home and a copy on computer at work

    • You save your KHS backup files to cloud server like OneDrive, DropBox, etc or to a USB flash drive that move between each computer

    • While at work you make some scheduling changes and exit which creates a new backup file

    • Later you open KHS at home and are prompted that a newer backup is available, you click Yes to restore that data

    • You now see the changes you made at work

    • You make many more changes at home and call it a day

    • When get to work the next day and open KHS again you are prompted to restore a newer backup file, you click Yes and now see all of the changes you made day

Important:  This feature is for a single registered user. If you save your backup files to a cloud server accessed by other users of KHS and restored one of their backup files by mistake, you could lose recent changes made to your schedules. Also, if saving your backup files to a cloud server allow several minutes for newly saved backup files to be available on other computers as these server do not sync instantaneously.

  • For secretaries: we renamed the Brochures label to Brochures and Tracts on the Field Service screen and all related reports. The Report to Branch screen has also been updated.

  • This update includes all 8.6 builds.

8.6  March 29, 2014

  • This update includes all 8.5 builds.

  • This Week was renamed to Overview.

8.5  March 20, 2014

  • This update includes all 8.4 builds. Please remember to check for new builds.

  • We completely redesigned the Public Talk - Reports - Speaker exchange request report to include a list of all approved outgoing speakers, their talk outline numbers, and a list of their open dates. All public talk coordinators are encouraged to test-drive the new design. It should prove to be a time-saver when initiating a request to exchange speakers with other public talk coordinators.

8.4  March 11, 2014

  • This fixes a few bugs with 8.3. Please read the 8.3 release notes below for a full understanding of the most recent changes.

8.3  March 11, 2014

  • Added Branch Visit and International Convention to the Special Events list.

  • Added a new "Host congregation" check box to the Congregation Bible Study screen that can be checked when scheduling a circuit assembly or special assembly day program and your congregation will be the host. Checking this box allows you to enter the songs and title of the talk to be given by the district overseer.

  • The talks and song numbers enter for the traveling overseers during the CO's visit or when hosting a circuit assembly are now included on all mid-week meeting reports.

  • Added new logic that will automatically sync the dates of the CO's visit for the mid-week meetings to avoid issues when printing a combined report.

  • The Assignment and Usage report now includes unbaptized publishers who have been assigned privileges.

  • Optionally include inactive publishers on the Phone numbers - Congregation report.

  • Results entered on the Ministry School screen for talks 2 and 3 now includes the name of the assistant in the remarks field of the talk history for female students.

  • The Watchtower distribution report and labels have been arranged by field service groups similar to the KM distribution report and labels.

  • The Individual Assignments report now includes brothers assigned to pray on special event weeks like the CO's visit or when the congregation is host for a circuit assembly.

8.2  February 27, 2014

  • The term District Convention was replaced with Regional Convention. The term Special Assembly Day Program will be removed as a special event at the start of the 2015 service year, September 1, 2014.

  • The Irregular Publishers report was modified to correctly determine when a publisher should be added to the report.

8.1  February 16, 2014

  • Includes bug fixes.

  • The report to the branch now properly excludes publishers you mark as Moved Away.

  • Updated the Help system.

8.0  February 3, 2014

  • TMS slips now print in alphabetical order by last name. If a slip is for an assistant, the assistants name will used instead of the students name. This change will simplify handing out the assignment slips as they will be grouped together by name.

  • Fixed a bug when printing TMS study numbers for students who have more than one talk scheduled.

7.9  February 1, 2014

  • All Shepherding screens and reports were completely removed from the program in light of recent directions from the branch.

7.8  January 15, 2014

  • This maintenance release includes all 7.7 builds.

7.7  January 1, 2014

  • We removed the Tools menu option. You can access Settings from the main screen buttons.

  • Inactive and disfellowshipped publishers have been excluded from all phone number reports.

  • Resolved the error some users were getting when accessing the E-mail tab of the Settings screen.

7.6  December 18, 2013

  • This is a maintenance release to get all users caught up with all of the 7.5 builds releases.

  • Reminder: you will NOT be prompted to download a new build. If you are experiencing any problems always check for a new build by clicking Help - Check for updates.

7.5  December 8, 2013

  • We redesigned some areas of the interface to improve touch support and create more room for the main screens.

  • The left side toolbar has been rearrange based on function and when a meeting occurs Monday thru Sunday.

  • The Congregation Activity screen has been renamed to Field Service.

  • We added the Settings screen to the left side toolbar allowing those using touch to easily access this screen.

  • We added two new icons across the top of each screen: a printer icon that opens the Reports menu and a Mail icon that open the Send E-mail screen. These were added for those using touch since the top menu does not respond to touch.

  • There is no longer an issue going from the This Week screen to another screen when using touch.

  • The Brochures field on the Field Service screen now supports values up to 9,999.

  • We fixed the bug on the Members screen that cleared the date of baptism when checking "Receives an OKM".

  • You can now attach multiple files to an e-mail.

7.4  November 24, 2013

  • This releases fixes a crash when printing the TMS assignment slips along with several other reported errors.

7.3  November 21, 2013

  • We added some color to many of the reports to match the overall theme of the program.

  • We added support for A4 paper. This paper size is commonly used in the UK, Europe, Australia, and more. To enable A4, go to Settings and check the new box "Use A4 paper for reports". Users in the USA should NOT check this box.

  • The Public Talk Schedule can be exported to a CSV file and imported into Google Calendar.

7.2  November 13, 2013

  • Includes several bug fixes.

  • We updated the header of the reports.

  • We added the public talk assignments for 'Next Week' to the Chairman reminder email.

  • If you encounter an error please detail the steps needed to reproduce the error. This will help us improve the overall stability of the program.

7.1  November 6, 2013

  • Includes several bug fixes.

  • We added a new check box to the Members screen named "Receives a digital OKM (PDF)". Check this box to quickly distribute a PDF of the OKM (Our Kingdom Ministry) to publishers via email. The option to send this email is on the Reports menu.

  • We are continuing to tweak the new interface colors. This release includes some changes to the This Week report and the Publisher Record Cards screen.

  • Note: This release includes changes to the database so if you just emailed a local exchange file to other users in the congregation, you will need to download this version and resend the file.

7.0  November 1, 2013

  • We gave the interface a new look. The new color scheme was influenced by recent changes to JW.ORG which made the site easier to read. You will notice these colors provide higher contrast, making things easier to read. We hope you like it.