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KHS has been around since 2005 and over the years we have improved and updated KHS to keep pace with theocratic changes and user requests. Our goal is to provide the best scheduling software possible, to as many brothers as possible, while carefully following theocratic direction. Download our 30-day trial and give KHS a test drive. If another brother in your congregation uses KHS, ask him to email you an exchange file so you can test KHS using congregation data. You can also import data from other programs. There is NO CHARGE to register and donations are voluntary. Please email us at if you have any questions or visit our FAQ page using the link above. Thank you for your interest in KHS.

Life and Ministry Schedule

The Life and Ministry Overseer can schedule assignments manually or click Auto Assign. There are several report layouts for the Information Board and a Students section to keep track of how each student is progressing. E-mail reminders to those with assignments.

Public Talk Schedule

Public Talk Coordinators can schedule incoming and outgoing talks, chairman, reader, and a host. Send reminders by email or text, print reports, and exchange assignments with other users of KHS via email.

Support for Circuit Assistant

Circuit Assistant is a program used by circuit overseers and substitute circuit overseers to gather and organize congregation information for their visits, events and schools. KHS now supports circuit overseers who use Circuit Assistant by exporting data the secretary can email directly to the circuit overseer using his JWPUB account. The circuit overseer can then import this password-protected ZIP file into Circuit Assistant. Your circuit overseer will greatly appreciate this time-saving additon to KHS.

Privacy Consent

KHS is GDPR compliant. Users living in the European Union can activate this feature from the Settings screen. Simply check "Privacy consent" on the Congregation screen for those who have provided written or verbal consent to post their names on the Information Board or reports sent by email. 

Your Data is Secure

In line with sfl 22:23 - "information of a sensitive or confidential nature... should never be stored online", KHS saves your data to your hard drive and does not upload congregation data to a shared database online. KHS users can easily exchange password protected/encrypted ZIP files with each other via e-mail. Exchanging data is simple, and requires less than a minute.

We understand the advantages a database saved online to share reports and scheduling which appears to be in line with the direction, but scheduling programs that save all congregation data online may not be following this direction properly. Saving addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, emergency contacts, etc. online would appear to be outside the scope of this direction. And while encrypting data is a good idea, it is not mentioned as an exception.

Work is underway on a redesign of KHS to support Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. The redesign will continue to follow the above sfl direction and never store confidential information online. Stay tuned for more information about this project.

Theocratic Schedule

Email the congregation a Theocratic Schedule for the week. No special app required, just an email account. The friends will appreciate the weekly schedule and look forward to receiving it. On the Home screen click Email, it's that easy!

Throughout the week the friends will refer to the weekly Theocratic Schedule often and come to rely on it. You'll find that if you forget to email the new schedule to the friends, they will remind you.

Field Service Group Reports

Collect Field Service Reports with the companion programs FSG or FSG Mobile. These apps allow Field Service Group Overseers to collect the reports for their field service group and submit a file to the secretary that can be imported into KHS

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Über Majestic Software

Joe Majestic ist der Eigentümer von Majestic Software. Wir erstellen kundenspezifische Softwarelösungen seit mehr als 30 Jahren. KHS begann im Jahr 2005 mit einer einfachen Vortragsplanung und wuchs über die Jahre mit weiteren Plänen. Joe, sein Sohn Matt und sein Schwiegersohn Tyler arbeiten gemeinsam an der Pflege und Unterstützung von KHS. Alle sind sehr eng mit der Versammlung verbunden.

Bitte beachte, dass KHS nicht von der Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society unterstützt wird. Wenn du dich dafür entscheidest, KHS nutzen zu wollen, dann teste es bitte gründlich, bevor du dich registrierst. Auch wenn eine Spende sehr geschätzt wird, sende deine Spende nur, wenn du vollständig mit dem Programm zufrieden bist und unsere Bemühungen unterstützen möchtest. Du kannst mehr über das Registrieren erfahren, wenn du auf FAQ weiter oben klickst.

Künftiger Support kann eingestellt werden, wenn sich die Umstände ändern oder es an Unterstützung mangelt. Wir hoffen, dass du KHS nützlich findest für deine Zuteilungen.


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