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Launched in 2005, KHS was the first JW scheduling program to help elders and ministerial servants create and manage multiple congregation schedules in a single app. We've added many new schedules over the years and continue to update KHS regularly to keep pace with theocratic changes and user requests. You can print or email meeting schedules, send reminders by email or text message, and enter field service reports.

Life and Ministry Schedule

The CBOE and LMO can easily schedule assignments manually or automatically using Auto Assign. There are several report formats for the Information Board and a Students section to track how each student is progressing. 

Public Talk Schedule

Public Talk Coordinators can schedule both incoming and outgoing talks, chairman, Watchtower reader, and a host for hospitality. Send reminders by email and text, print a number ot report formats, and trade assignments with other users of KHS electronically.

Field Service Reports

Secretaries can enter field service reports, compile a monthly report for the branch, print publisher records for publishers or a monthly totals report for the circuit overseer, record meeting attendance, and print a variety of reports.


Every schedule in KHS includes a Reminders button on the toolbar to email and text reminders to those with assignments each week. The friends will really appreciate these reminders and you will reduce the possibility of an assignment being missed.

Your Data is Secure

While some JW scheduling programs upload or store your data to an online storage service so users in the same congregation can 'share' data, KHS follows theocratic direction and never stores confidential data online. Data is stored exclusively on your computers hard drive providing the maximum level of security. And if you ever need to remove your data from your computer, simply uninstall KHS. When registering we request your name and email so we can send you an activation code but we never store user information to an online storage service.

Schedule for the Week

Quickly email everyone in the congregation an overview of the schedule for the week. Presented beautifully regardless of the device it is viewed on and requires no special app, just an email account. The friends will really appreciate the overview of the schedule and look forward to receiving it every week. On the Overview screen simply click Email and your finsihed!

Conozca Majestic Software

Majestic Software es propiedad familiar que ha provisto software a medida durante más de treinta años. Joe y su hijo Matt son ancianos y su yerno Tyler es un siervo ministerial. Los tres trabajan juntos para administrar y dar apoyo a KHS y a sus usuarios.

KHS no está afiliada con JW.ORG ni respaldado por la sociedad Watch Tower Bible and Tract. Nuestra prueba de treinta días le ayudará a determinar si KHS es para usted. Agradecemos los donativos si usted está satisfecho con el programa y desea apoyar nuestros esfuerzos. Con mucho gusto le ofrecemos soporte técnico a los hermanos que están en el servicio a tiempo completo. Pulse en la pestaña, "Preguntas frecuentes", en la parte superior de la página para saber más acerca de registrarse y el soporte técnico.

Esperamos que KHS le sea útil en sus asignaciones.

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