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We released KHS 18 years ago and over the years have updated the program to keep pace with many theocratic changes and user requests. Our goal is to provide the best scheduler we can while carefully following theocratic direction

Download our 60-day trial and give KHS a try. If another brother in your congregation is already using KHS, ask him to email you an exchange file so you import your congregations data. You can also import data from other programs.

There are no annual payments required to use KHS and donations are voluntary. And we never ask brothers to request a limited financial means exception. For those able to support us, thank you. Your donations allow us to share KHS with all brothers.

Please email us at if you have any questions or visit our FAQ page using the link above.

Dev Team

Available Schedules

KHS includes the following schedules:

  • Theocratic Schedule (Home page)
  • Life and Ministry
  • Public Talks
  • Audio/Video/Attendant
  • Cleaning
  • Lawn Care
  • Service Groups
  • Public Witnessing
  • Service Reports

Import Options

You can import data from these programs:

  • NW Scheduler
  • Hourglass
  • TSWin
  • CLM Explorer

Support for Circuit Overseers

KHS supports Circuit Assistant and Timothy, two software programs used by circuit overseers and substitute circuit overseers to gather and organize congregation information for their visits, events and schools. The secretary can email these files directly to the circuit overseer using his JWPUB account who will then import the data into each respective program saving them a lot of time.

Privacy Consent

KHS is GDPR compliant. Users living in the European Union can activate this feature from the Settings screen. Simply check "Privacy consent" on the Congregation screen for those who have provided written or verbal consent to post their names on the Information Board or reports sent by email. 

Your Data is Secure

KHS saves congregation data to your hard drive and does not upload your data to a shared database stored online. We believe this is following the direction at sfl 22:23 - "information of a sensitive or confidential nature... should never be stored online". Our users quickly and easily exchange password protected and encrypted files via e-mail. Exchanging data requires less than a minute.

Theocratic Schedule

Email the congregation a Theocratic Schedule for the week. No special app required, just an email account. The friends will appreciate the weekly schedule and look forward to receiving it. On the Home screen click Email, it's that easy!

Throughout the week the friends will refer to the weekly Theocratic Schedule often and come to rely on it. You'll find that if you forget to email the new schedule to the friends, they will remind you.

Service Group Overseers

Service group overseers can enter publisher field service reports into either FSG for Windows or FSG Mobile and then email a password protected Zip file to the secretary for import into KHS. This saves the secretary time and ensures accuracy of the reports. Like KHS, these apps never store any congregation data in the cloud.

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Conozca Majestic Software

Majestic Software es una empresa familiar. Joe (Anc.), Matt (Anc.) y Tyler (S.M.)  trabajan juntos para administrar y dar apoyo a KHS y a sus usuarios.

KHS no está afiliada con JW.ORG ni respaldado por la sociedad Watch Tower Bible and Tract. Nuestra prueba de treinta días le ayudará a determinar si KHS es para usted. Agradecemos los donativos si usted está satisfecho con el programa y desea apoyar nuestros esfuerzos. Le ofrecemos soporte técnico a los hermanos que están en el servicio a tiempo completo. Pulse en la pestaña, "Preguntas frecuentes", en la parte superior de la página para saber más acerca de registrarse y el soporte técnico.

Esperamos que KHS le sea útil en sus asignaciones.

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