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SInce 2005, KHS has been used by thousands of brothers to handle their scheduling needs. We regularly update KHS to keep pace with theocratic changes and user requests while carefully following theocratic direction. 

There is no charge to use KHS and donations are voluntary. Click Download Now above and give KHS a try. If brothers in your congregation use KHS, ask them to send you an exchange file to import the congregation's data. You can also import data from other scheduling programs (see below).

Available Schedules

  • Theocratic Schedule
  • Life and Ministry
  • Public Talks
  • Audio/Video/Attendant
  • Cleaning
  • Lawn Care
  • Service Groups
  • Public Witnessing
  • Service Reports

Import Data From

  • NW Scheduler
  • Hourglass
  • TSWin
  • CLM Explorer

Circuit Overseers

KHS supports Circuit Assistant and Timothy, two software programs used by circuit overseers and substitute circuit overseers to gather and organize congregation information for their visits, events and schools. The secretary can email these files directly to the circuit overseer using his JWPUB account who will then import the data into each respective program saving them a lot of time.

Privacy and GDPR

KHS is GDPR compliant. Users living in the European Union can activate this feature from the Settings screen. Simply check "Privacy consent" on the Congregation screen for those who have provided written or verbal consent to post their names on the Information Board or reports sent by email. 

Congregation Data is Secure

KHS stores congregation information to a database saved to your hard drive and never stores any congregation data online in reference to sfl 22:23 "information of a sensitive or confidential nature... should never be stored online".

Users in the same congregation exchange password protected and encrypted data files to share their schedules. KHS scrambles all confidential information, so the data is completely safe when e-mailed. Exchanging data is very easy and takes less than a minute but most important, we follow the above sfl direction.

Theocratic Schedule

E-mail the congregation a Theocratic Schedule for the week. No special app required, just an e-mail account. The friends will appreciate the weekly schedule and look forward to receiving it. On the Home screen click E-mail, it's that easy!

Throughout the week the friends will refer to the weekly Theocratic Schedule often and come to rely on it. You'll find that if you forget to e-mail the new schedule to the friends, they will remind you.

Service Group Overseers

Service group overseers can enter publisher field service reports into either FSG for Windows or FSG Mobile and then send a password protected and encrypted file to the secretary for import into KHS. This saves the secretary time and ensures accuracy of the reports. And FSG never stores confidential congregation data online.

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About us

Majestic Software is a family business, developing commercial software for more than 30 years. Joe, Matt, and Tyler work together to support KHS. If you wish to verify our identity as Jehovah's Witnesses, e-mail us your JWPub address and we will reply via our personal JWPub accounts.

KHS is not affiliated with JW.ORG or the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. We make no claims that World Headquarters endorses KHS.

Thanks for visiting our site. Please download our 60-day trial to give KHS a test drive. We think you'll understand why so many brothers have been using KHS for many years. 

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