General Questions

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    What is KHS?

    KHS (Kingdom Hall Schedules) was created for elders and ministerial servants to create and maintain many of the schedules needed by a congregation. The use a of single program interface allows several brothers in the same congregation to exchange data with each other and provides an overview of the weekly schedules via the Theocratic Schedule on the Home screen.

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    What languages are supported?

    English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Dutch, and German. Haitian Creole will be available in the future.

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    Is my data safe?

    Yes, your data is never uploaded to an online server known as a cloud server but is stored in a database on your local computer. If circumstances require you to delete all congregation data from your PC, you can simply delete the entire C:\Majestic Software\KHS folder. You are in complete control of your data.

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    Is our congregation's data stored in the cloud?

    No, KHS stores congregation information to a database saved to your hard drive and never stores any congregation data online in reference to sfl 22:23 "information of a sensitive or confidential nature... should never be stored online".

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    My wife and family also use this PC. Can I enable a logon password for KHS?

    Yes, click File > Password to setup a password to access KHS.


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    Can I install KHS on the computer at the Kingdom Hall?

    Yes, you may install KHS on a computer at the Kingdom Hall provided a user login password is created in KHS. Publishers should never have access to KHS as it contains confidential information.

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    Can I install KHS on an iPad or Android tablet?

    No, KHS is a Windows program and can only be installed on a PC running Windows.

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    Can I install KHS on an iMac or MacBook?

    Yes but you will need to install a copy of Windows under Boot Camp: or install it using Parallels:

    * CrossOver or WineBottle are NOT compatible with KHS.

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    Do you plan to offer a Mac version of KHS in the future?

    Unlikely. That would be a huge undertaking and require a rewrite of KHS.

Registration and Licensing

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    Is registration required to use KHS?

    Yes, you must register KHS within the 60-day trial period.

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    What happens after 60 days if I do not register?

    You will not be able to access KHS after 60 days if choose not to register, but your data will be safe. If you decide not to register, you can uninstall Kingdom Hall Schedules from the Add or remove programs list in WIndows.

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    How do I register KHS?

    Exit and restart KHS and you will be prompted to register at startup.

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    Is there a charge to register?

    Some programs require an annual payment but there is NO CHARGE to use KHS and donations are voluntary. While donations are needed and appreciated, you decide if and how much to donate. For those able to donate, thank you for supporting KHS and allowing us to share KHS with those of little means.

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    Can I use the same code to activate KHS on my other PC's?

    Yes. You may use the code to activate KHS on any computer you own and personally use.

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    Can I share my activation code?

    No, the activation code is for you only. This applies even if there are several brothers in the same congregation that wish to use KHS. Each must register their own copy of KHS.

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    Several elders and ministerial servants in my congregation wish to use KHS. Do you offer group licensing?

    No, since there is no charge to register and use KHS, any brother can simply download and activate their own copy. Each brother can decide if and what amount to donate.

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    Can I transfer the remainder of my Premium support to the brother taking over for me?

    There is no charge for Premium support so the brother taking over for you can decide if he wants to donate or not.


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    Why do you ask for voluntary donations?

    Supporting KHS is a full-time job for our team and your donations allows us to continually improve KHS, provide tech support, host a web site, and pay licensing fees. Without your support, we simply could not provide KHS to so many brothers, some with little or no means to donate. Your generous donations helps us help them. Thank you!

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    How do I make a donation?

    When you register KHS you will have the opportunity to make a modest donation. We use PayPal to process all credit card donations. The information you enter is sent directly to PayPal over a secure connection and none of your data is saved by KHS after the transaction completes. If you would like to make a single donation to show your appreciation, click Help > Donations.

    Donations keep the KHS train moving so please support us with your voluntary donations if you are able. Thanks!

Tech Support

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    Do you provide tech support for KHS?

    Yes, tech support is available to all registered users and during a 30-day trial. We also offer an upgrade to Premium Support.

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    Why do I have to re-register every year?

    You must request a new activation code to re-register once a year. This verifies to us that you are still using KHS. We also ask for a voluntary donation each year so we can continue to offer KHS but a donation is not required to re-register. If you decide not to re-register, downloading updates and exchanging data with other users in your congregation will be disabled.

Sharing Data

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    Can I import data from another program I am currently using?

    Yes. Go to Data Exchange and select Import. Then select from the list of supported software programs. If the program you are using is not listed, and you are able to export your data from that software program, email support the name of the program, a link to download it, and a copy of your exported data files. We may be able to build an import option.

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    How can I share my schedules with other users in my congregation?

    Go to the Data Exchange screen to share your schedules with other users in your congregation or if you are a talk coordinator, share your data with other talk coordinators who also use KHS and also have tech support.

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    Can I transfer my data to a brother who will be taking over for me?

    Yes, go to the Data Exchange screen, select Export Data and follow the instructions.

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    Our congregation is splitting. How do I forward member records to the new secretary?

    Go to the Data Exchange screen and select Export Publishers to select a list of publishers moving to the new congregtaion.

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    Can I import names from an Excel spreadsheet into KHS?

    No, data stored in an Excel spreadsheet is not formatted in way that KHS would know how to import it into the database.

Using KHS

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    Can I edit the layouts of a report?

    No. Reports are not user-editable in KHS.

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    Is there a copy of sent email stored somewhere in the program?

    No. The program does not store copies of sent emails but there should be a copy in the Sent folder of your email program.

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    I moved to a new congregation. How can I delete all of the data for the previous congregation?

    Go to Settings and click Data Wipe. If you have tech support, click Help>Activation Code so you have a code to reactivate KHS before wiping the database.

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    How do I schedule the circuit overseer for a public talk?
    1. Go to the Speakers screen and add a new congregation named Circuit Overseer. You need to select a meeting time even though this is just a place-holder congregation name.

    2. Now add the CO to the list of speakers for this congregation.

    3. Add outline 1 to his list of talks; it also is just a place-holder.

    4. Return to the Public Talks screen and click Find Speaker. Select the Circuit Overseer congregation and select the CO as the speaker.

    5. Do NOT enter an outline number.

    6. Click on the Title field and hand enter the name of his talk.

    7. Enter the name of his concluding talk in the Notes field (renamed to Concluding talk).

    8. When the CO and his wife move onto their next assignment simply change the names on the Speakers screen to the new CO.

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    Our congregation is hosting a Foreign Language Group. Can KHS schedule meetings for the group?

    No, KHS can only schedule for one congregation or group at a time. A separate copy of KHS is needed the group.

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    I am the Assistant Secretary, how can I enter field service reports while our Secretary is unavailable?

    The secretary must first email you an exchange file that includes the Service Report data. After you import the data, go to Settings > Scheduling and check Service Reports.

    When the secretary returns, you will email him an exchange file so he can import it into his copy of KHS and be up-to-date. Then uncheck Service Reports on the Settings screen.

Troubleshooting KHS

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    My computer crashed. How do I reinstall the program?
    • Download the latest 60 day trial.

    • Run the setup and select Reinstall

    • Restore your most recent backup file and KHS will automatically re-reactive your registration.

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    Why are all reports blank when I preview them?

    KHS uses the default Windows printer to render reports. Make sure you have a default printer and paper size is set to Letter or A4 depanding on your set up on the Settings > General tab.