Barre d'outils Purpose

Add (Save)

Add new dates and Save changes.

Delete (Undo)

Delete the current date from the schedule. If you make changes to the schedule, this button can be used to Undo those changes.

Display a list of print options.

Auto Assign.

Launches a screen to automatically assign field service groups. The program tracks when a group was last used for an assignment and rotates the groups automatically. You can also make adjustments to the rotation using the small boxes that precede each group name. Simply drag a group up or down in the list.
Rappels help/global.remindersCleaningDef
Fields Purpose


The program will insert Monday dates by default. If you try to change this date to another day of the week the program will return the date to a Monday.

Note: supports "weekly" scheduling only.

Field Service Group Select a field service group from the dropdown list.
groupe 2 optionnel Optionally select a second field service group from the dropdown list.
nettoyage partiel

Check this box if the groups are only to perform light cleaning (pick up paper in the auditorium, empty trash cans, refill paper supplies, etc.) after the midweek and weekend meetings. This would apply when cleaning duties are shared between multiple congregations and another congregation is scheduled for full cleaning that week.

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