Tech Support is available to registered users who make a modest donation each year of $25 or more. We also provide complimentary support to our brothers in full-time service like Bethelites, Regular and Special Pioneers, Field Missionaries, Assembly Hall Servants, and Remote Bethelites. If you encounter an error while using the program you could try one or more of the following:

  • Restart the program and repeat the process that caused the error.
  • If an error occurs after changing some data in the program, try restoring your most recent backup of the database (changes made since your last backup will be lost.)
  • If the error persists and your registration includes technical support, click Help - Tech Support and email us a detailed description of the problem. Help Tech Support menu option image

Users with active tech support will receive these additional benefits:

  • Download program updates when available
  • Download the monthly Life and Ministry schedule

Note: Tech Support is optional and not required to use the most common features in the program.