The secretary (or his assistant) has full access to enter reports. Appointed users have VIEW ONLY access and non-appointed users have no access. If the secretary uses an assistant, the assistant will go to Settings > Scheduling and check the Service Reports box on his copy of KHS. But only one user can enter reports for the congregation so if you are the secretary and have an assistant entering reports, he will need to enter all monthly reports and share his data with the secretary via a data exchange.

Group overseers should never use this screen to enter reports for their group. Instead, ask the secretary to email you an invitation to install the FSG companion program (see below). The FSG entry screen is similar to KHS and allows group overseers to email their reports directly to the secretary for easy import into KHS.

Barra de ferramentas Objetivo
Relatrio para Betel

Displays the congregations field service activity to be submitted to the branch by the 20th of every month.

When closing this screen, you will be prompted to close out the current reporting month. But do so only after submitting your report to the branch. It is important that you close out a month because this will ensure late reports are properly recorded and will allow the current monthly results to be used in several reports.

Number Reporting is the number of reports being submitted that month so late reports will be added to the total number reporting. This is not a count of the actual number of publishers, auxiliary and regular pioneers in the congregation.

Assistncia Record meeting attendance for the midweek and weekend meetings. You can also print a report similar to the S-88.
Registro de Publicador

Display an electronic version of the Congregation's Publisher Record. Select a Service Year from the dropdown to enter past reports directly into the grid. Past reports will not be flagged as late. You can enter past reports for the current service year and the previous service year. Reports for active publishers older than the previous service year will automatically be deleted.

The program supports the latest S-21 (12/18) and can be printed on standard paper. The older S-21 publisher cards are no longer supported.

Relatrios Display a list of available reports that can be viewed, e-mailed to another Elder, or exported.
Grupos de Pregação

Invite group overseers to download a program called FSG (Field Service Group) or FSG Mobile (for iPhone and iPad).  Registration is not required. Once installed, group overseer can record field service reports for publishers in their group. The invitation will include an attachment they must save to their desktop and import by clicking Import Publishers. If there are any changes to a group (new members, change to regular pioneer, etc.), you must send the group overseer a new publisher file. Group overseers will click Send Report to e-mail their reports to the secretary via an exchange file. The secretary will save the file to his Desktop and start KHS to import those reports.

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Campos Objetivo
Filtros You can filter the Publishers list by selecting one of the options in this dropdown list.

Select a publisher from this list to enter their field service activity for the current reporting month.

Note: To quickly locate a publisher, click on any name in the list then type the first few characters of their last name.


Enter the number of full hours. 

Note: this field is only visible for auxiliary pioneers, regular pioneers, special pioneers, or field missionaries.

Estudos bblicos Número diferentes de Estudos Bíblicos.

You can type up to 35 characters in this field.

For publishers who have no hours to report, enter a remark such as: No report.

Reports will be considered missing if they have no hours and no Remarks.

To enter hourly credits, enter the number of hour credits first followed by the description such as: 12 LDC project.

Pioneiro Auxiliar Marcar se o publicador for um pioneiro auxiliar.
Nota: Este botão somente é visível para publicadores batizados.
Relatrios Atrasados

Check if a publisher handed in any reports after that month was submitted to the branch. 

Note: This button is not visible for Special Pioneers and Missionaries since they report directly to the Service Department.

Status do Publicador

Novo: Começou a relatar nos últimos 12 meses. Digite a data em que iniciou como publicador.
Regular: Relatando atividades no ministério mais de 12 meses consecutivos.
Irregular: Não entregou 1 ou mais relatórios nos últimos 6 meses.
Inativo: Não entregou nenhum relatório nos últimos 6 meses. Digite a data em que se tornou inativo.
Reativado: Quando um publicador inativo começa a relatar novamente atividades ministeriais. Digite a data em que foi reativado.
Mudou para congregação em: Esta é a data em que o publicador se mudou para a congregação.
Inicio de publicador: Date the publisher handed in their first field service report.
Última vez inativo em: Data em que o publicador ficou inativo pela última vez.
ltima Vez reativado em: Data em que o publicador foi reativado pela última vez após se tornar inativo.
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