Opción Propósito
Solicitar una clave Use this button to request a renewal code from Majestic Software. You will be prompted to make a modest minimum donation, after which, an e-mail will be sent to Majestic Software.
Renovar ahora After you received a renewal code by email, cut and paste the code from the email into the field and click Activate.
Cerrar Close the screen.

Tips on Renewing Premium Support

When you receive a renewal code, copy the code from the e-mail, paste it into the field provided, and click Activate.

There are three ways to paste the code into this field:

  • Right-click over the field and select Paste
  • Click the Edit menu and select Paste
  • Press Ctrl + V on your keyboard

La clave de registro es únicamente para usted y no funcionará para otros usuarios. Por favor guarde una copia de la clave en caso de que necesite reinstalar el programa.