Werkbalk Doel
Toevoegen (Opslaan) Add a new service group. When you click Add, this button must be used to Save the change.
Verwijder (Ongedaan maken) Delete the selected service group. When you make changes this button can be used to Undo those changes.
Overzicht Print a Service Groups report for the Information Board or a confidential version for the body of elders.
Velden Doel
Groepsnaam: Naam van de groep.
Groepsopziener: Naam van de opziener.
Dag Day of the week that the group will meet for field service. Select the day from the drop-down list.
Tijd Tijdstip waarop de velddienstactie wordt gehouden.
Adres Adres waar de velddienstgroep samenkomt.
Gebruik als gastgezin Check this box if this group can be scheduled to host an incoming public speaker.
beschikbaar voor schoonmaak Check this box if this group can be scheduled to clean the Kingdom Hall.
Hoe doe je Doel
Sorteer namen

To change the order of the names, click and drag the small box that precedes a name up or down to a new position or click Order by Last name to reorder the names by last name. Families will be ordered by head of house and family members by date of birth.

Verschuif een verkondiger naar een andere groep

To move a publisher to a different group, click and drag the name to one of the group name buttons. Then release the mouse button to move the publisher to the new location.

Tip: To move multiple publishers, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the name of each publisher to be moved. Now release the Ctrl button, hover the mouse over any one of the selected names and hold down the left mouse button. Now drag the selected publishers to one of the other groups. Then release the mouse button to move the selected publishers to the new location.

Exclude - Include Publishers Double click a publisher name to exclude them from the report. To include a name that is excluded (x), double click their name and click Yes when prompted to include them on the report.
Groepsassistent Double-click the name of any exemplary brother to mark them as the group assistant or remove them as group assistant.

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