Werkbalk Doel
Toevoegen (Opslaan) Add a new territory. When you click Add, this button must be used to Save the change.
Verwijder (Ongedaan maken) Delete> the current territory. When you click Add, this button can be used to Undo the change.
Overzicht Print One of Three Different Reports (see Print Options below).
Kolomnamen Click any of the column headers to change the display order. The default order is Date In.
Velden Doel
Gebied Number assigned to the territory.

Name of the publisher the territory is assigned too. To quickly enter names, type the first few letters of the publishers name and the program will auto-complete matching names.

Tip: Right-click this field when assigning a territory out to another publisher. This will clear the old name and populate the the Date Out field with today's date.

Datum uit Date the territory was assigned out.
Datum in Date the territory was signed back in.
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