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Enter the location where you would like your backup files to be saved. Click the ellipsis [...] button to select a backup location. The location you choose is very important. DO NOT save your backup files to the same drive where KHS is installed. This is dangerous since your hard drive could fail and you would have no way to recover your data. But if you have no other option, by all means, save it to your hard drive. 

We recommend you purchase a USB Flash Drive ($10 or less) and save your backup files directly to one of these devices. They are very simple to use. Simply plug a USB Flash Drive into your computer and Windows will assign a drive letter to the device. Then change the backup location to save to this drive letter. We recommend you leave the USB Flash Drive plugged into your computer when using KHS so a new backup file will be created when you exit the program.

If you receive the message, "The program is unable to delete older backup files which may prevents new backup files from being saved. Please delete all backups more than a week old.", delete all older backup files manually.

... (ellipsis button) Click the ellipsis button to select a location to store your back up files.
Backup Klik op deze knop om een handmatige backup te maken. Elk backupbestand bevat je gebruikersnaam en de datum en tijd waarop het is gemaakt. Hier is een voorbeeld van een backupbestand:
KHS Backup for Joseph Majestic 2014-08-02
In dit voorbeeld is het backupbestand gemaakt op 2 augustus 2014 om 17:35 uur.
Telkens wanneer je het programma afsluit, zal er automatisch een backup worden gemaakt.
Sluiten Sluit het backupscherm
Menu Options Purpose

The Restore menu option will launch a screen asking you to select from a list of existing KHS Backup files. Normally you would select the most recent file and work backwards in time until you find the data you are seeking.

Warning: restoring from a back up file will overwrite all changes made since your last back up!

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