Werkbalk Doel
Toevoegen (Opslaan) Add a new congregation. When you change any value for a congregation, this button will be used to Save the changes.
Verwijder (Ongedaan maken) Delete the current congregation and all speakers (and their talk outlines) associated with this congregation. When you change any value for a congregation, this button will be used to Undo the changes.
Overzicht Display a list of available reports. (see Reports below).
Search Box Enter the name of a brother or congregation to display a list of possible matches.
Gemeente Doel
Naam Name of the congregation.
Mijn gemeente Check this box to identify your local congregation. This check box is visible only when positioned on your local congregation.

Address of the congregation. Press Enter to insert multiple lines.

Tip: When entering a US address, use the following format for the City State and Zip code line:

Reading, PA 17555
Using this format will help the program to successfully build directions for e-mail reminders to speakers.

Telefoon Kingdom Hall telephone number.
Kring Circuit number for the congregation.
Vergadertijden Start time for the weekend meeting.
Tijd instellen Click to edit meeting day and time.
Laatste update: Date contact information was last entered or changed.
Uitwisseling voor lezingcoördinator Send an exchange file of available public speakers to a KHS user in another congregation via e-mail.
Lezingcoördinator Doel
Naam Name of the talk coordinator.
Adres Home address of the talk coordinator.
Mobiel Mobile phone number for the talk coordinator.
Thuis Home phone number for the talk coordinator.
E-mail E-mail address for the talk coordinator.

Notes related to the congregation.

Note: You must Tab out of this field after entering new data and before clicking Save, otherwise, your changes will not be saved.

Coördinator van het LvO Doel
Naam en telefoon van de coördinator Name of the CBOE (Coordinator of the Body Of Elders). Include his phone number as in: Joe Smith  (717) 555-1234
Sprekers Doel

Add a new speaker. When adding a US address, format as City, State  Zipcode:  Reading, PA 17555

This will help KHS build directions for e-mail reminders to speakers.


Verwijderen Delete the record.
Verschuiven Move a speaker to a new congregation.
Archief Display a list of talks given by the selected speaker.

Mark dates as unavailable for the selected speaker.

Note: This button is visible only for your local congregation.

Lezingschema's Doel


Add or edit outline numbers for the selected speaker. When you click this button, another screen will appear were you enter one or more outline numbers separated by comma's. When you click the Save button, the outline numbers will be added to the grid. Remember to click the Save button at the top of the screen to save all changes.

Note: The outline list can also be edited by double-clicking the outline in the list.

Verwijderen Delete the record.
Afdrukken Print a list of talks for the selected speaker.

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