Field/Buttons Purpose
Add Add a new task.
Print Print a report of all open tasks.

Check box

Check if the task was completed. The task will be deleted when you restart KHS.

The description of the task which can be up to 200 characters

Note: To save any changes, Tab out of this field before selecting a different screen or closing KHS.

Due Date

Date the task is due. Overdue tasks are displayed in red.

Special Events

Field/Buttons Purpose
Add Add a special event.
Delete Delete a special event.
From The start date of the event.
To The end date of the event.
Special Event

Select a special event by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting an event from the list.

Note: Once you add a valid date range and select an event, the event will be applied to any other schedule as soon as you select it. You will be prompted if you would like to add the event.