Toolbar Purpose

Add (Save)

Add a new person to the congregation or Save changes made to an existing record.

Delete (Undo)

Delete a person or Undo changes made to an existing record.

Note:  you normally would not delete a person as this would alter historical reports for the congregation. There are other methods to handle those who move away or are disfellowshipped.

A list of all available congregation reports. (see below for more details)

Moved Away If a person or family moves to a another congregation, select the family head and click Moved Away, then enter the date of the move. If they move back, select their name and click Undo Move. You can permantly remove names from this list by clicking Delete.
Disfellowshipped Select the name of the person who disassociated or was disfellowshipped and click Disfellowshipped. If a person is later reinstated, select their name and click Reinstated. Click Delete to permantaely remove a name from this list. Click Print to view a report of all disassociated and disfellowshipped names.

Note: You must be an elder or ministerial servant to access this screen.
Personal Purpose
First name

First name of the person.

Last name

Last name of the person.

Date of Birth Date of birth.
Baptized Check if baptized.
Baptized on Baptismal date.
Unbaptized Publisher Check if approved as an unbaptized publisher.
Seasonal Publisher Check if they vacation in your area a few months out of the year but report their field ministry to their home congregation. This allows you to schedule them for meeting parts without affecting congregation reports to the branch.
Anointed Check if anointed.
Child Check if a small child or baby.
Family head Check if the "spiritual" head of the family. Applies to married sisters with unbelieving mates.
Family member linked to Select the "spiritual" head of house using the dropdown box. This dropdown is only visible if Family Head is unchecked.
Field Service Group Assign to a field service group.
LDC Volunteer Check if approved for LDC (Local Design\Construction). The following is required:
  • Baptized
  • Date of birth was entered
  • 17 or older
DC-50 expires If an LDC volunteer, enter the date their DC-50 application expires (every three years). KHS will alert you 30 days before their DC-50 expires.
Receives a Watchtower (Study Edition) Check if they receive a printed study edition of the Watchtower.
Receives a Workbook Check if they receive a printed Life and Ministry Workbook.
Deaf Check if deaf.
Blind Check if blind.
Infirm Check if infirm. If a regular pioneer, check only if the circuit overseer has approved them to be on the infirm list.
Deceased Check if the person is deceased to remove their name from all schedules while retaining their past field ministry for reporting. Deceased persons should never be deleted from the database.
Keys Check if given keys to the Kingdom Hall. You can optionally list any key codes.
Notes Enter any comments about this member. (Notes are not included in the export files to other users of KHS).
Publisher Status
New: Began publishing during the past 12 months. Enter the date they began publishing.
Regular: Publishing more than 12 months.
Irregular: Did not turn in 1 or more reports during the past 6 months.
Inactive: Did not turn in any reports during the past 6 months. Enter the date they became inactive.
Reactivated: Was inactive but began publishing again. Enter the date they began publishing again.
Moved In This is the date the publisher moved into the congregation.
Began Publishing Date publisher handed in their first field service report.
Last Inactive On Date publisher last became inactive.
Last Reactivated On: Date publisher was last reactivated after becoming inactive.
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Contact Info Personal


Mailing address.

Mobile Mobile phone number.
Home page Home phone number.
Work Work phone number.
E-mail Personal e-mail address.
Emergency Contacts Enter the names of the primary and third party contacts and their addresses for congregation members who are baptized or an unbaptized publisher and family head. A sister with an unbelieving husband should be marked as the family head so she will appear on the emergency contacts report.
Special Needs and Unbelieving Family Members residing in household Enter the names of those residing in the household that have special needs and/or unbelievers.
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Appointments Purpose
Elder Check if an elder.
Ministerial Servant Check if a ministerial servant.
Appointed on Date a brother was appointed as an elder or a ministerial servant.
Uses KHS Check if a registered user of KHS.
Continuous Auxiliary Pioneer Check if a continuous auxiliary pioneer.
Regular Pioneer Check if a regular pioneer.
Pioneer no. Pioneer number assigned by the branch.
Began Pioneering Date last began serving as a regular pioneer.
Special Pioneer Check if a special pioneer.
Missionary Check if a missionary.
Emails Field Service Report directly to the Service Department Check if they email their report directly to the Service Department.
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Responsibilities Purpose
Coordinator of the Body of Elders Check if the coordinator of the body of elders.
Secretary Check if the congregation secretary.
Service Overseer Check if the service overseer.
Watchtower Study Conductor Check if the Watchtower conductor.
Life and Ministry Overseer Check if the Life and Ministry overseer.
Public Talk Coordinator Check if the public talk coordinator.
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Used For Purpose
Chairman Check if used as chairman for the Life and Ministry meeting.
Auxiliary Classroom Counselor Check if used as a counselor for an auxiliary class.
Prayer Check if used to pray for the Life and Ministry meeting.
Talk Check if used for the 10 min. talk.
Spiritual Gems Check if used for Spiritual Gems.
Initial Call Check if used for the Initial Call.
Return Visit Check if used for the a Return Visit.
Bible Study Check if used for a Bible Study.
Talk by Brother Check if used for the Talk by brother.
Assistant Check if used as an assistant.
Do not use in Main Hall Check if student is not to be scheduled in the main hall.
Use in Main Hall only Check if student only wants to be scheduled in the main hall.
Parts Check if used for Living as Christians parts.
Congregation Bible Study Check if used to conduct.
Reader Check if approved to read for the congregation bible study.
Public Speaker Check if approved for public talks.
Public Talk Chairman Check if used as a chairman for the public talk.
Watchtower Reader Check if used to read the Watchtower.
Host Check if used to host public speakers.
Attendant Check if used as an attendant in the main hall or in the lobby.
Sound Check if used at the sound console.
Video Assistant Check if used to assist with audio/visual.
Microphones Check if used on microphones.
Platform Check if used to care for the platform.
Approved Check if approved for public witnessing.
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Add (Save)

Add a date range this person will be unavailable for assignments.

  • From and To fields will automatically populate the current date.
  • Right-click a date to open the calendar.
  • Click Save. If the member is a family head, a popup box will appear giving you the option to add this date to the entire family.

Delete (Undo)

Click Delete to remove a date range from the list. The caption for this button will change to Undo.
Print Print a report of the members availablity.
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Contact lists You can prepare contact lists using any one of several available filters.
Emergency Contacts A report of names and phone numbers for members marked as "Family Head". This report is for elders only and as directed by the branch, includes the entire congregation.
Congregation Statistics A snapshot of the members profile.
Watchtower distribution This report lists who will receive a printed Watchtower (Study Edition).
Watchtower Labels This option will print labels for any receiving a printed Watchtower (Study Edition).
Life and Ministry workbook distribution This report lists who will receive a printed workbook.
Life and Ministry workbook labels This option will print labels for any receiving a printed workbook.
Kingdom Hall Keys A report of those that have been given Keys to the Kingdom Hall and the key number assigned to them.
Assignments A report of the congregation members are used.
Servant Body A report of the appointed men in the congregation and their assignments
Share Contacts Email or text a .vcf file containing the contact information of all in the congregation.
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